13 Colonies Wiki Assignment
A “Wiki” is a website that allows people to work together on a project. Anyone can add or change information on the site. Students will work in groups of two or three to research an assigned colony and create a wiki page about their findings.

Each page must include the following items:

1. Date the colony was founded
2. Name of the first settlement
3. Group that founded the colony
4. Reasons the colony was founded (be specific: if the people sought religious freedom, what was the religion and who were they fleeing; if it was a business venture, what did they hope to do etc.)
5. Short biography or story about an important person from the colony (one paragraph or more)
6. Major economic activity of the colony
7. Present day capital
8. Was it a royal, Charter, or Proprietary colony? What does this mean? (Hint: this information is in your text book) Online resources are provided on the resource page, which you may use in addition to your textbook.

Remember: your classmates will be responsible for this information so be thorough and precise.
NC SCOS Objectives 1.01 and 1.02

Your grade on this assignment will have two parts:
1. A group grade: Does your wiki have all of the above requirements?
2. An individual grade: Completion of a worksheet on the information from the wikis created by your peers.