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The first colony (Lewes) was founded in 1631. (However this was not the first permanent settlement)

In 1638, the Swedes, the first Dutch settlement in North America, at Fort Christina established the first permanent settlement (Wilmington). The Dutch (at New Netherlands) claimed the territory and held numerous competitions for claiming rights against the Swedes.
The Dutch won the contests and later founded the colony of Wilmington.

Captain Samuel Argall led an early explorative expedition that resulted in the ship being blown off course during a storm, which resulted in the founding of Delaware. Though no further exploration of the land was done until 1631.

George Read: The Signer of Declaration of Independence



George Read was born in 1733 on his family farm near North East, County, Maryland. He attended a school in Chester, Pennsylvania then the Philadelphia Academy under Doctor Allison at New London. At fifteen he graduated and proceeded to study law at the office of John Moland in Philadelphia. He was admitted to the Philadelphia Bar in 1753. He moved to New Castle, Delaware to establish a new practice the following year. He established quite a reputation there and was appointed Attorney-general to three Delaware counties, an office which he resigned in 1774 when he was elected to the first Continental Congress. In 1764, the period leading up to the stamp act protests, Read had joined the Delaware Committee of Correspondence and was active in the patriot movement. At the Continental Congress he found Lee's Resolution for Independence to be too hasty and voted against it. However, when it was adopted he joined the majority in working toward independence. In 1776 Read was called upon to join the Constitutional Convention in Delaware, where he served as president of the committee that drafted the document. In 1777 the British captured Delaware governor John McKinly and Read took over as governor in the emergency. He lead the state through the crisis of the war, money, troops, and supplies for the defense of his state. In 1779 he suffered a bout of poor health and had to retire from official duties. Luckily he recovered and was appointed Judge in Court of Appeals in admiralty cases three years later. Read went on to be twice elected State Senator under the new constitution, and later still was appointed Chief Justice of the State of Delaware. He served in that office until his death in 1798.

Major economic activity in the colony of Delaware consisted of farming large amounts of wheat and other cash crops, which were sold overseas and in markets.
The present day capital of Delaware is Dover.

Delaware was a proprietary colony, in which the owner, or proprietor, owned the land and controlled the government. King Charles II owes William Penn, so he gave a large chunk of land in North America to Penn. Which included Pennsylvania and part of Delaware. The Colony of Delaware became proprietary after the 'Great Treaty' between the Delaware and William Penn.

Background Information:

An attemped Dutch Settlement, Swanedael, failed in 1631. The Dutch made no further attempts to colonize Delaware until after they had captured New Sweden in 1655 when it fell to Dutch forces led by New Netherland's Governor Peter Stuyvesant.