The Colony of Maryland

1.) Maryland was founded in 1634.

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2.) The first settlement was St. Mary's.

3.) Roman Catholics founded the colony.

4.)The major part of the economy was general farming, tobacco, and cattle.

5.)It was a proprietary colony.

Background Information:

Sir Cecil Calvert, also known as Lord Baltimore, used the charter he inherited from his father to create a colony that would be a safe refuge for persecuted Roman Catholics. Despite this, Protestants were also encouraged to emigrate so that Calvert wouldn't get in trouble with the British government. Since the colony was made for Catholics, but had to include Protestants, it became a place of religious tolerance. Later on the Toleration act was passed, which allowed all Christian faiths to be practiced in Maryland. Lord Baltimore sent his brother Leonard Calvert to be governor of Maryland. With him he sent "Instructions to the Colonists by Lord Baltimore," which became the basis of law in Maryland. He never got to visit the colony due to political and social turmoil in England. Relations with Indians stayed good for a long time because the settlers payed them for the land with axes, hoes, and cloth. Today the capital of Maryland is Annapolis.

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