Massachusetts Colony

The massachusetts colony was founded in 1630 and governed by the Massachusetts Bay Company. It sits in the north-eastern part of America and is in the New England area.

First Settlement
The first settlement in the Massachusettes Colony was the Plymouth Settlement. It was founded by the English Pligrims in 1620. They named it Plymouth after the port from which they launched.

The Plymouth colony was founded by English Puritans who fled from England for Relgious Freedom. Willam Bradford emerged as a leader of the Plymouth Colony after John Carver, the first govenor died after being their only a year. Also, other settlements were being established as fishing and trading post by Englishmen Andrew Weston and Rodger Conant, which today are Weymouth and Salem, Massachusetts.

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The major economic activities in the colony were lumber, shipbuiliding, and fishing. Many of the newer settlements thrived on fishing and whaling. Because most of the colonist came from agricultuar backgrounds, the attempted to grow crops. But poor soil and cold weather prevented the ability to grow.

Present Day Capital
Decided by John Winthrop, Boston was named the capatail replacing salem. Boston was the sight of many events in the American Revolution, making Boston one of the most historic cities in the U.S.


Type of Colony
Massachusettes was a royal colony along with New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Virgina, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. This type of goverment caused great trouble with the colonies. Thw king stilled made decions through chossen officals. In Massachusettes, Purtains had a great influence on the goverment. They restriced freeman not to only be in the church.

Person of Colony
John Winthrop was the first govenor in the Massachusettes colony. He also named Boston as the capatail. He appointed Thomas Dudley as his deputy on four occasions he served as governor. They did not always see eye to eye on running the colony. Winthrop was tolerant and liberal, but Dudley was heretic. Dudley was the reason that Anne Huttchison got moved out of the colony. In 1635, a crisis meeting was held. A new policy on herdiety was published two years later by Winthrop.