New Jersey Colony

1.) The New Jersey colony was founded in 1660.
external image colonial_new_jersey.jpg(map of New Jersey colony)

2.) The name of the first settlement was called Bergen. (now Jersey City)

3.) New Jersey Colony was established by the Dutch.
4.) Immigrants moved to the colony of New Jersey because of its warm climate and religious freedom. The proprietors also offered large tracts of land which was important for growing cash crops. external image religious-freedom-600x400.jpg

5.) Important Person of colony: Sir George Carteret, a British naval officer and lieutenant governor. He made the island royalist during the English Civil War and later won a knighthood and a baronetcy. He was captured by a Parliamentary force in 1651 and sent to exile in France and he then served in the French navy. He later became a powerful administrator and legislature in England. In 1663 he became on of the 8 proprietors granted by King Charles II. The year after he received property right to half of New Jersey. After problems in the colony he agreed upon a division in 1676. He stayed with East Jersey. external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTNBd_7JhP7Q0kWhneYj1QdT0VlVL_QZa_DRHg7cMzb_K5PPBc&t=1&usg=__-OWee80LigcRc-iu1xOy8Ezij5w=

6.) Farming was the major economy in New Jersey. Cash crop was a key component.external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQOTVcs9qeSBNQsPErHtY7gN34GJBjVxkbyy-hEfJBum5SYgEg&t=1&usg=__hK-CIf_hb7MzIm8nArtspxDv2Pw=

7.) The present day capital is Trenton, New Jersey.
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRrTYsmCXJ0wra1an3qMQjoldS-H91PeZJjhEc5sYSI5XKRUwA&t=1&usg=__Gbm6ucSqS--EJPn1vogCv6ok_vQ=

8.) It was a royal colony. This means that the governor was named by a king to be chief executive. A royal colony had cash crop and was heavily dependent upon slavery. external image New%20Jersey%20Flag.GIF