New York

  • The colony of New York was founded in 1609 by Henry Hudson which was exploring the river which was later named after him.
  • In 1624 the Dutch established Fort Orange in modern day Albany as the first permanent European settlement in New York.
    Flag of Colonial New York
  • The Dutch established many settlements along the Hudson River, their interest was more in trade than in permanent agricultural development.
  • Colonial New York was a royal colony. Which was administered by a royal governor and council apointed by the British crown, and having a representative assembly elected by the people
  • Major economic activity included general farming, grain, cattle, and lumber trade.
  • New York City is the present day capital.
Map of Colonial New York
Map of Colonial New York

Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson was an english explorer. He sailed three times for England, and once for Netherlands trying to find a shorter way from Europe to Asia. When he was sailing for the Dutch he was on the half moon on April 6, 1609. Strong winds forced him off the path where he was redirected north east around 40 degrees. He ended up in a river which is now the Hudson Bay.
Henry Hudson