North Carolina was founded in 1653 by Virginians. But it wasn’t made a state until November 21, 1789.

  • North Carolina started out as a Proprietary charter, but then was changed to a Royal charter by King George II in 1729

  • The first settlement was in the Albamarle sound region

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    • In the beginning, North Carolina was actually part of Virgina.

    • North Carolina was primarily founded to create more cash crops, such as Tobacco

Guess what the capitol of North Carolina is? If you guessed Charlotte im sorry to say your wrong. That is our largest city, it also used to be the capitol. The current capitol is Raleigh.

Raleigh skyline

Lets get a little history about a young man known none other as John White.

On July 2nd,1587, White established the second English Colony in Roanoke Island. A month later the first English baby to be christened on American soil, Virgina Dare, was born; on August 18th. Four days later White sails back to England for more supplies for the rapidly growing colony. When he returns three years later ( what took him so long?) all of the settlers had disappeared.The word "Croatoan" was found carved on a tree. Because of the mysterious disappearance, they are now referred to as the lost colony. And where they went has been one of North Carolina's greatest mysteries.