Pennsylvania was created on december 12th 1787
founded by the quakers
current capital harrisburg
Pennsylvania was a charter colony - given to william penn by the king of england aka charter colony
. Major economic activity of colony 1682-1830 agricultural 1830-1920 industrial 1920- present service activities
first colony Latin sylvania meaning "woods"



Penn was born in 1644, the son of Admiral Sir william penn and Margaret Jasper, a captain previously widowed and the daughter of a rotter dam merchant.William Penn, Sr., served in the common wealth Navy during the english civil war and was rewarded by oliver crowmwell with estates in Ireland. The lands were seized from Irish Catholics, in retaliation for an earlier massacre of Protestants. Admiral Penn took part in the restoration of charles the second and was eventually knighted and served in the navy . At the time of his son’s birth, Captain Penn was twenty-three and an ambitious naval officer in charge of quelling Irish Catholic unrest and blockading Irish ports.