Rhode Island
Rhode Island was the last of the thirteen original colonies to ratify the constitution and become a state. It entered the nation on May 29, 1790. It is the smallest state in the nation. It economy was based primarily on shipbuilding and general comercial farming.

Rhode Island

Roger Williams, who was banned from the Massachusttes Bay Colony for his religeous beliefs, along with a small band of followers got a charter from King Charles II granting permission to create a new settlement. They sttled in present day Providence, which was the first settlement.

Religeous Freedom
In 1638, Anne and William Hutchinson and William Coddington founded the town of Portsmouth as a religeuos haven for Antinomians who were being prosecuted in their homeland. This is still major city in Rhode Island today.

Roger Williams
Roger Williams was the founder of the colony Rhode Island. He had a promising career as a lawyer and attended Caimbridge University, where he was exposed to the religeon of Puritanism. In 1635, he was expelled from the Massachusttes Bay Colony for his religeous beleifs. With no other alternatives, he asked King Charles II to sign a charter to a new colony. The king agreed to help. with the help of several devout followers, Roger succeeded in founding the colony of Rhode Island, where he could practice religeon as he pleased.