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In 1663, King Charles II granted a royal charter to nobles to settle the area south of Virginia which became the Carolinas

South Carolina was a royal colony.

The first settlement in South Carolina was Charles Town in 1670 by the English.

King Charles granted the territory of South Carolina to his loyal supporters.
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The present day capital is Columbia.

The major economic activity of the colony was agriculture (growing indigo, rice, tobacco, cotton, and cattle) and naval stores.

William Sayle
Roughly ten-thousand Bermudians emigrated before US Independence closed the door on the efflux. Many went to the West Indies, but most undoubtedly went to North American colonies. At first, this meant mostly to Virginia, of which Bermuda had once been a part, and with which it maintained a close relationship. When England, later Britain, began settling the north of Florida, which had been taken from Spain, Bermudian settlers flooded into the Carolinas, Georgia, and Alabama. In 1670, William Sayle, then in his eighties, became the first Governor of South Carolina, arriving aboard a Bermuda sloop with a number of Bermudian families, and founding the town of Charleston.external image moz-screenshot-1.png
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