Virgina was founded May 13, 1607. The first settlement established in Virginia was Jamestown( Also the 1st settlement established in North America). The English established Jamestown because of a book called " Western Planting"; which was a book that encouraged English merchants and the government to adopt the policy of maritime trade and colonial developmnet.

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A significant person in the colony was Captain John Smith. He was an explorer who went to Virginia to learn the land but while on his adventure he was captured by the Powhatans. While captured by the Powhatans the plan was to kill him, but due to Pocahantas. the cheif's daughter, risked sacrificng herself for John, he was able to live. While there he was a great leader who helped Jamestown survive in a new mysterious land. external image Captain-John-Smith-colored.jpg

Virginia's present day capitol is Richmond. A major ecomonic activity of the colony was General Farming. Also Virginia was a royal colony, which was a means its governor was picked out by the king of England.